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Wired To Hunt

Dive deep into the world of whitetails with leading expert Mark Kenyon. Each weekly episode covers specific and actionable strategies for the next generation of whitetail hunting addicts. Get your fix through the stories of Mark’s learning experiences as a whitetail hunter and valuable insights provided by a weekly slate of expert guests. Part of MeatEater, Inc.

Oct 3, 2019

Today on the show we detail everything you need to know about  the work we've done so far on the Back 40 farm, the challenges we've encountered along the way, and the plans to start hunting it in the coming days.

Topics discussed:

  • My new book, That Wild Country
  • Dan's last-minute deer prep
  • The bucks I'm after on my other main Michigan farm
  • The cliff-notes version of how we found the Back 40
  • Why we couldn't get much done on the property until August
  • The experts we've brought it to see the farm so far
  • The few small projects we've done so far
  • What we'd like to do
  • How to balance hunting goals and habitat goals
  • The food plots we planted
  • All the folks hunting the farm and the challenge that will pose
  • My concerns about hunting pressure 
  • The bucks we've see on the farm so farm
  • Plan for our first hunts on the Back 40


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